Gun Myths

Here’s a link to an article about gun myths.

It’s funny and informative, so I thought it was worth posting. Of course those of us who have actually fired real guns know some of them, but even if you are an experienced shooter there are a few gems in here.

One thing I learned in my classes was about how quickly someone can attack you with lethal force from a surprising distance, and how slowly we can bring a weapon to bear and deliver a shot that might stop that attack. After that I was equally dismayed to learn that even after you shoot someone right where you’re supposed to they might not oblige you by falling down. One officer-┬áthe survivor- recounted how after the bad guy killed his female partner, he managed to shoot him in the head with a .357 Magnum. He said he could see through the man’s head, but that didn’t stop him from fighting for a bit longer after saying “you got me!”. If I can find that video, I’ll most certainly post it. It will give you nightmares.

The lesson is that there’s no subsitute for thinking, preparing, and a good relationship with God.